L'ensemble des publications des membres à partir de 2020 est à retrouver dans la collection HAL de DysCo.

Publications 2021

  • Blais, C., Linnell, K. J., Caparos, S., & Estephan, A. (2021). Cultural differences in face recognition and potential underlying mechanisms. Frontiers in Psychology, 12:627026.
  • Boissin, E.*, Caparos, S., Raoelison, M., De Neys, W. (2021) From bias to sound intuiting: Boosting correct intuitive reasoning. Cognition, 211. *étudiante doctorante
  • Caparos, S. (2021). Trauma, cognition et apprentissages. In Habib. M. (Ed), Emotions et processus d’apprentissage. London, UK: ISTE-Sciences.
  • Gosling, C.J., Goncalves, A., Ehrminger, M., & Valliant R (2021). Association of organic food consumption with obesity in a nationally representative sample. British Journal of Nutrition, 25(6):703-711
  • Gosling, C.J., & Trémolière, B. (2021). Reliability of moral decision-making: Evidence from the Trolley dilemma. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology; 74(6):981–990
  • Raynal, L., Clément, E., Rämä,P., Sander, E, & Goyet, L. (2021). Early Analogical Extensions: An ERP Study on Preschoolers' Semantic Approximations. Conference proceedings. Cognitive Science Society, Viennia, Austria.
  • Lopis, D., Le Pape, T., Manetta, C., Conty, C. (2021). Sensory Cueing of Autobiographical Memories in Normal Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease: A Comparison Between Visual, Auditory, and Olfactory Information. Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, IOS Press, 2021, 80, pp.1169 - 1183. doi:10.3233/jad-200841
  • Muncer, G., Higham, P.A., Gosling, C.J., Cortese, S., Wood-Downie, H. & Hadwin, J.A. (2021). Investigating the Association Between Metacognition and Maths Performance in Children and Adolescents Aged 11-16: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Educational Psychology Review.
  • Narison, R., de Montalembert M., Bayliss A., Conty L. (accepted): Measuring gaze and arrow cuing effects with a short test adapted to brain damaged patients with unilateral spatial neglect: a preliminary study. Frontiers in psychology.
  • Osmont, A., Camarda, A., Habib, M., & Cassotti, M. (2021). Peers' Choices Influence Adolescent Risk‐taking Especially When Explicit Risk Information is Lacking. Journal of Research on Adolescence, Wiley, 31 (2), pp.402-416. doi:10.1111/jora.12611

Publications 2020

  • Beauvais, C., Pfeiffer, N., Habib, M., & Beauvais, L. (2020). Effet de la valence émotionnelle de textes sur leur compréhension et l’apprentissage de nouveaux mots chez des élèves de 5ème année de primaire. Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology, 74(2), 144-155. doi : 10.1037/cep0000194.
  • Caparos, S., Rutembesa, E., Habimana, E., & Blanchette, I. (2020). The psychological correlates of transitional justice in Rwanda: A long-term assessment. Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy.
  • Caparos, S., Linnell, K. J., & Blanchette, I. (2020). The local perceptual bias of a non-remote and educated population. Psychological Research, 84, 1211-1222.
  • Gosling, C., Caparos, S., & Moutier, S. (2020). The interplay between the importance of a decision and emotion in decision-making. Cognition & Emotion.
  • Gosling, C.J., Cartigny, A., Stevanovic, D., Moutier, S., Delorme, R., & Attwood, T. (Accepted). Construct validity of the Theory of Mind Task Battery in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. British Journal of Clinical Psychology: Registered Report: Stage1
  • Gosling, C.J., & Trémolière, B. (Accepted). Reliability of moral decision-making: Evidence from the Trolley dilemma. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology: Registered Report: Stage1
  • Giroux, S.-V., Caparos, S., Gosselin, N., Rutembesa, E., & Blanchette, I. (2020). Impact of Music on Working Memory in Rwanda. Frontiers in Psychology.
  • Linnell, K. J., & Caparos, S. (2020). Urbanisation, the arousal system, and covert and overt attentional selection. Current Opinion in Psychology, 32, 100-104.
  • Vieillard, S., Pinabiaux, C., & Bigand, E. (2020). Positive and Detached Reappraisal of Threatening Music in Younger and Older Adults. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 14 : 216.

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